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Charles Leaver – Check Out Ziften’s New Channel Program

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Written By Greg McCreight And Presented By Charles Leaver


If you are a reseller, integrator, distributor, managed service provider – the new Ziften Activate Partner Program is here, it’s ready, and it’s going to be terrific for your bottom line (and for decreasing your customers’ stress and anxiety about cybersecurity).

Ziften is 100% dedicated to the channel, and as we grow and progress in the market, we understand that your success is our success – and also our success is your success. And it is already happening: 96 percent of our sales in 2017 came through the channel! That’s why we built the brand-new Activate Partner Program to give you the resources you need to grow your company with Ziften security solutions.

We kicked it all off with a very effective, cross-platform Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, Ziften Zenith. Customers love it. Innovation Partners love it. Resellers really love it. The market really love it. And analysts really love it.

I have to share this from the conclusion of our broadband testing report, which discusses SysSecOps, or Systems Security Operations – an emerging classification where Ziften is leading the market:

Key to Ziften’s endpoint method in this category is total visibility – after all, how can you secure what you can’t see or do not know what is there to start with? With its Zenith platform, Ziften has a solution that ticks all the SysSecOps boxes and more …

Overall, Ziften has a really competitive offering in what is a really legitimate, emerging IT category in the form of SysSecOps and one that must be on the assessment short-list.

In addition to this: Microsoft recently partnered with Ziften to develop an integration between Zenith and Microsoft Windows Defender ATP, to permit Microsoft customers to protect Linux and Mac systems with the same single pane of glass as they utilize to secure Windows systems.

Enough about us. Let’s concentrate on you. How you will benefit with the Activate Partner Program.

We’ve assembled a multi tier partner program that has better discounts, more resources, and powerful market advancement support. We understand a one-size-fits-all program does not work, not in today’s market.

With Activate, we take a hands-on stance to onboarding new partners; making it easy for those for whom security is a fairly small element of your business; and rewarding top tier partners who have actually dedicated themselves to Ziften.

Here’s exactly what you get with the Activate Partner Program – and we’ll work alongside with you to ensure that Activate fits your needs perfectly:

Security for more of your consumer’s environment – end points, servers, and the cloud

Visibility and security for your customer’s complex, multi-cloud implementations

Basic security tool integrations to deliver truly customized, differentiated solutions

Hands-on, tailored assistance and life-cycle competence

Rich financial rewards that motivate your long term investment and reward on-going success

Market development support to drive incremental need and lead generation

First-rate, hands-on assistance from our field sales, sales engineers, technical support, and specialists

The Activate program combines our effective security services, financial investments, and hands on support to assist you create more business opportunities and close more deals.

Charles Leaver – Identity Fraud Numbers Very Disturbing And Malware On The Increase

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This post written by Charles Leaver, CEO Ziften Technologies.

In a report it was revealed that breaches of customer data implies that there are more and more identity thefts being carried out nowadays. This is very disconcerting for all of us.

The report was performed by the National Consumers League and it reveals that in the year 2013, around 33% of consumer data breaches resulted in identity fraud, and this means that the statistic has tripled since the year 2010. This concerning rise can be explained by some clear factors. Cyber wrongdoers are utilizing far more sophisticated methods now and there is a lack of cyber attack laws that force companies to reveal when they have had an attack. To make matters even worse there are very few companies using endpoint detection and response systems to protect their data. All this means that we are going into an environment where consumers are discovering that their data is continuously under attack by deceitful hackers.

John Breyault, who belongs to the National Consumers League, stated that cyber attack breach legislation like the one operating in California can help with the reduction of breach reverberations by mandating the companies that have been breached to quickly get the word out.

He went on to say that after a breach prompt notification is needed so that individuals can conduct a “harm analysis” once they understand about an attack. This is everybody’s right and at the moment the kind of issue that would set a notice in motion remains really broad.

Sadly, it is not just identification theft that is under the spotlight. A different report highlighted that malware is now more common than it ever was.


Every Third Computer Has A Malware Infection Revealed In A Report


The Anti Phishing Workers Group published a report stating that malware was most likely to be present in as much as a 3rd of the computers throughout the world by the last quarter of 2013. This is a significant increase when compared with the previous quarter says Tech News World. The technical director of a security lab that examines cyber attacks, Luis Corons, said that new malware strains are being developed at an extremely rapid pace and that malware infections might increase even further.

He mentioned that the creation of new malware samples has actually just escalated and it has doubled from the last quarter of 2013 to the very first quarter of 2014.

The findings of these two reports highlights that there is no space for complacency in organizations when it pertains to security. Every company has to sure up its endpoint detection and response systems or deal with the fact that a cyber attack is increasingly more likely to be coming their way.







Charles Leaver

Charles Leaver – Don’t Try And Hide Cyber Attacks

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From The Desk Of Charles Leaver, Ziften CEO


A business suffers a cyber attack. The system administrators learn about the attack, they wish to know more about it, they send their IT group to attempt and stem the attack and recuperate lost data. This is what occurs after lots of companies have been breached, but then the business typically fails to take the next essential action: the proactive informing of their customers that they have experienced a cyber attack. There have been numerous cases where it has been challenging to get a company to reach out to its consumers and it takes a lot more time and threat than it ought to do.

There is a tendency now that business that have been breached simply do not wish to inform those that have been affected by the attack– their clients– that the attack occurred according to the Portland Press Herald. The factor that companies do not want to tell their customers is completely self-centered. They are concerned that the track record of their company will be damaged if they tell the world about the attack so they always wish to keep this news in house. Both Target and Neiman Marcus did this and waited far too long to inform their clients that they had actually been victims of a cyber attack.

It Is Just Counterproductive To Keep Cyber Attack News Far from Your Clients

It is completely irresponsible to hold back on informing your customers about a cyber attack and it can likewise work against you. If there is a long space between the attack happening and businesses confessing that it took place then it can appear that the company is being dishonest and is not competent to secure client data. In spite of this, companies that have experienced an attack continue to keep this info from their consumers. JP Morgan Chase was an example where there was a delay of around 4 months before they told their customers that they had suffered a significant cyber attack. U.S. Public Interest Research Group consumer program director, Ed Mierzwinski, said there is a lot of work to do when it concerns telling clients that a breach has taken place.

He said that clearing your name was a “headache”. He likewise said that it takes a great deal of time and the business does not earn money for doing this.

Regardless of the time and effort involved, it is essential that companies adopt a full recovery process and that they notify their consumers about the cyber attack every step of the way. If the thought of telling your consumers that you have actually been attacked does not appeal then you can prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. If a rigid endpoint detection and response system is installed then a company can safeguard their network and make sure that they will not suffer from a cyber attack and put their client data at risk.


Protect your business

Charles Leaver

Charles Leaver – A Fearless Company Created

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Ziften Technologies are based in Austin, Texas, and Charles Leaver is the CEO.


This video from the Commonwealth Club includes Steve Blank and he discusses how it is possible to construct a terrific company step by step.


There is no doubt that Steve is an intelligent man and his funny bone is good. His business insights are extremely valued and there are a number of points that he made that I agree with:

charles leaver ceoHe quoted in the video that “there is absolutely nothing that you can find out inside your own building so you need to get out of it!” Steve claimed that this was a lesson that companies in Silicon Valley needed to learn the hard way. Now at Ziften we make sure that we visit our potential customers and clients on a weekly basis. Our company is young however the crucial execs and I know that we need to comprehend and be practical about the market and show this in our business model. When we understand exactly what the marketplace requires we can truly add worth.

We always put our clients first and continue to pay attention to them. In the video Steve discusses how tough it is for entrepreneurs to pay attention to their clients instead of attempting to force their perspective on the market. What we also do at Ziften is to motivate our individuals to listen before speaking. When we are speaking with our prospects and customers we need to understand that they care a lot more about how we can resolve their problems rather than pay attention to how smart we are.

Steve makes another good point in the video when he speaks about how development is perceived in the US compared to the remainder of the world. The thinking in the U.S.A is right when it concerns our attitudes towards failing. Any person is motivated to gain from failure, and these will turn these people into skilled executives who can actually influence and include a lot of worth to a brand-new business. It is necessary that there need to be no fear of failure since this will suppress development.

I constantly convince the people that work for us to take risks with no fear of a reprisal. I strongly believe that this is pushing us closer to our goal of closing the gap in between enterprise customer security and security technology and we are getting there quickly. This is a significant change and we are really near our goal.