Charles Leaver – Security Fabric Is All The Buzz At Conference Fortinet Accelarate 2017

Written By Josh Applebaum And Presented By Ziften CEO Charles Leaver

The Fortinet Accelerate 2017 conference was held just recently in Las Vegas. Ziften has sponsored Fortinet’s annual International Partner Conference for the second time, and it was a pleasure to be in attendance! The energy at the show was noticeable, and this was not due to the energy drinks you constantly see individuals carting around in Las Vegas. The buzz and energy was contributed by an essential theme the entire week: the Fortinet Security Fabric.

The theme of Fortinet’s Security Fabric is basic: take the disparate security “point products” that an organization has released, and link them to leverage the deep intelligence each item has in their own security vault to offer a combined end-to-end security blanket over the whole organization. Though Fortinet is generally thought of as a network security business, their method to providing a complete security service spans more than the traditional network to include endpoints, IoT devices, as well as the cloud. By exposing APIs to the Fabric Ready partners along with making it possible for the exchange of actionable threat intelligence, Fortinet is creating a path for a more collective strategy throughout the whole security market.

It is revitalizing to see that Fortinet has the exact same beliefs as we have at Ziften, which is that the only way that we as an industry are going to reach (and go beyond) the hackers is through integration and collaboration throughout all reaches of security, no matter which vendor supplies each part of the overall service. This is not an issue we are going to solve on our own, however rather one that will be fixed through a combined approach like the one set out by Fortinet with their Security Fabric. Ziften is proud to be a founding member of Fortinet’s Fabric Ready Alliance program, combining our unique approach to endpoint security with Fortinet’s “think different” mindset of what it implies to integrate and collaborate.

Throughout the week, Fortinet’s (really enthusiastic) channel partners had the chance to walk the show floor to see the incorporated solutions provided by the numerous innovation partners. Ziften showcased their combinations with Fortinet, containing the integration of our service with Fortinet’s FortiSandbox.

The Ziften service collects unknown files from endpoints (clients or servers running OS X, Linux or Windows) and submits them to the FortiSandbox for detonation and analysis. Outcomes are immediately fed back into Ziften for informing, reporting, and (if possible) automated mitigation actions.

It was interesting to see that the Fortinet channel partners clearly got the value of a Security Fabric approach. It was clear to them, as well as Ziften, that the Security Fabric is not a marketing trick, but rather a real method assembled by, and led by, Fortinet. While this is only the start of Fortinet’s Security Fabric story, Ziften is excited to team up with Fortinet and enjoy the story continue to unfold!

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